What lithium battery do I need for my 48V golf cart?

Our 48V GC2 batteries are module units with each module being its own 48V battery.

When you combine multiple 48V modules together in parallel, the capacity and power stack giving you longer run-times and greater power output capabilities.

This is different from a typical lead acid battery configuration where you would have 6V or 8V batteries and connect them in a series configuration. In this scenario, the voltage stacks but the capacity and power does not.

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Best Trolling Motor Battery of 2023 - Things to consider

When you set out on a long-term fishing expedition, you need a trolling motor you can rely on. Whether to maintain a good position, fight a minor current, or travel silently along the shore, the best trolling motor is vital for those minute movements that don’t require full engine power.

Plus, the best rule on the water is always: more peace and quiet, better fishing.

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Trolling Motor Lithium Battery Run-time: How long will it last?

The running time of a lithium trolling motor battery before needing a recharge depends on several factors, including the capacity (amp hours) of the battery, the power draw of the trolling motor, and other electrical demands on the battery. To determine the running time of your battery, you will need to consider these factors and do some calculations.

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12V Batteries in Series: How to Balance and the Benefits

How to Balance lifepo4 batteries connected in series:

Linking 12-volt batteries in series provides a convenient method for constructing higher voltage battery systems, such as 24V, 36V, and 48V. It is advisable to balance the batteries in series, also referred to as voltage matching, by charging each battery individually prior to linking.

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