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Watt Hours to Amp Hours Explained

Watt Hours to Amp Hours Explained

Lets first understand what are what are watts and how to convert to watt hours

What is a Watt Hour?

Let's imagine we have a magical box that uses electricity to light up a little bulb or spin a fan. Now, a watt-hour is a way to measure how much magic (energy) this box uses to do its job for one hour.

Think of it like this: if your toy uses one watt of power, and you play with it for one whole hour, it has used one watt-hour of energy. If it uses two watts, in one hour, it would use two watt-hours. This helps us understand how much energy things around us use, like lightbulbs or even your game console!

A watt is just a way to see how fast the box uses energy. Like if you have a fast-running water tap (high watts) versus a slow-dripping one (low watts). More watts mean it uses more energy quickly.

To calculate watt-hours (Wh), which measures energy use, you simply multiply the power usage (in watts) by the operational duration (in hours). The formula is expressed as: Wh = W x h.

What is an Amp Hour?

An amp-hour (Ah) measures how much current flows over a time period. Imagine it like a river of energy flowing for an hour. A 100Ah battery can release 100 amps in one hour, like a big river flowing steadily. But if you use it for just half an hour, it can flow like a stronger, faster river of 200 amps in that time, if the battery is fully efficient. This measure tells us about the charge, not the energy, which also depends on voltage.

Amp Hours to Watt Hours Formula

Okay, let's talk about amp-hours and watt-hours in a way that makes sense!

Imagine your RV's electrical system is like a battery-powered toy. An amp-hour is like saying how long that toy can run. A watt-hour shows how much energy the toy uses over that time.

So, if you know how long it can run (amp-hours) and how powerful it is (volts), you can find out how much energy it uses by multiplying them together.

So the formula is simple: watt-hours = amp-hours x volts. This helps you understand your RV's power needs better!

watt-hours = amp-hours x volts.

Amp Hours from Watt Hours Formula

Imagine you have a secret treasure chest and you want to know how many toy coins it can hold. We use a special math trick for this: you divide the total treasure by the size of the box. Similarly, to find out how many amp-hours (Ah) your battery can handle, we use a little math. We take the watt-hours (like the total treasure) and divide it by the voltage (the size of the box).

For example, if your battery has 120 watt-hours and the voltage is 12 volts, you would divide 120 by 12, which equals 10 amp-hours. So, your battery can hold 10 amp-hours of energy.

amp-hours = watt-hours / voltage

How many watt hours does a 100Ah battery have?

Alright, let's figure out how many watt-hours are in a 100 Ah lithium battery, like the one in your toy car. First, we need to know how strong the battery's power is, which we call its voltage. Let's pretend it's 12 volts.

Now, we use a special formula: watt-hours equals the ampere-hours (that's the "Ah" part) times the voltage. So, for our battery, it's 100 Ah times 12 volts. That gives us a total of 1,200 watt-hours! That's like having 1,200 tiny bits of energy stored up inside the battery for your toy to use whenever it needs power.

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